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How to create a PPC campaign for your B2B company. 

Pay per click (PPC) advertising is the most cost-effective method for any business looking to generate leads quickly. But knowing how to start, implement and configure a PPC campaign can be a challenge.  

Our eBook explores how B2B companies can use PPC to target specific audiences, generate high-quality traffic and leads and achieve return on investment.



PPC eBook
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"If you want to engage website visitors and encourage them to convert, you need high quality content that answers their questions and positions you as the solutions." 

Kostas, PPC Director

The B2B Marketing Lab


What can you learn from reading this eBook?

How to ensure you are targeting the right people 

Creating buyer personas will enable you to refine your campaigns targeting and focus on those who will most benefit from what you offer.

How to drive your leads down the funnel

After you convert a lead, you will need to nurture them with the right content. How you select this content will depend on whether they are at the top, middle or bottom of-the-funnel.

How to set up a PPC campaign on a search engine

Before you set up a campaign, you need to decide on what keywords to target so you can be found by the right people. 

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