Why do you need a Marketing Automation Consultancy?

    If your business has reached a point where personally following up every individual lead is no longer a sustainable option, and the initial qualification process can be through email, then you are definitely a candidate for Marketing Automation.

    Very often, scaling the sales activity for a company involves increasing the number of sales people that you employ. It is however, a high risk approach in finding good, reliable salespeople. The risks of spending time training up sales people who then fail to convert and deliver, can cost you at least six months of time and significant cost.

    Marketing Automation provides you with a very practical alternative that is a more efficient means to: keep in contact with your leads, nurture them, give them exactly what they are looking for, when they are looking for it – and scale your business’ operations significantly.

    Marketing Automation will allow you to scale up your sales operation by utilising your resources more effectively, allowing your key sales resource to deal with your most qualified leads whilst automating the follow up and lead nurture process - which salespeople are notoriously bad at.


    Marketing Automation Consultancy

    Marketing Automation Agency London

    At its core, Marketing Automation is a software which allows you to automate key sales and marketing actions. It enables your sales department to focus on the things that matter - selling to high quality prospects - avoiding repetitive tasks and nurturing leads in the sales process.

    Why do you need Marketing Automation?

    Web visitors who have engaged with your website and, perhaps, even left their email contact details, may not necessarily be ready to buy straight away. Those who are in the early phase of conducting research and weighing up options available to them in the marketplace, can be put off by heavy-handed sales approaches.

    Marketing Automation provides you with the tools to automatically and progressively 'keep-in-touch' with these prospects and slowly nurture them over an extended period of time until they are ready to engage with your business.

    However, Marketing Automation software is a tool that when used effectively can support your sales and marketing efforts enormously. However, in order to implement it correctly and effectively, you need to set-up the framework which allows the automation software to continually nurture your leads as they arrive at top of the funnel and support their journey downwards towards fully qualified sales opportunities.

    Your website is generating interest and enquiries at the top of the funnel for your Marketing Automation software to engage with and qualify. Once you’ve acquired these leads, Marketing Automation allows you to gradually nurture them through the sales cycle, providing them with high-quality, useful content and personalised messages on a timely basis, which clearly addresses the specific issues that brought them to you in the first place.


    How can a Marketing Automation agency help you?

    At The B2B Marketing Lab, we understand how complicated a Marketing Automation process can be. We are a specialist Marketing Automation consultancy, with a team of Marketing Automation specialists who have a thorough understanding of how to utilise Marketing Automation tools to support and enhance your marketing and sales activity – and who can provide you with the necessary insight and knowledge to help you take advantage of the latest Marketing Automation tools.

    It boils down to having the time, technical skills and knowledge to make this automation process work, as well as having engaging and useful content to hand-feed to your prospects depending upon how far through the sales cycle your leads are.

    We acknowledge that this can be a complicated process, especially if you are making the leap to integrating new automated processes, or if you are of the mind-set that you are a marketer and not a techie!

    The B2B Marketing Lab is here to help.

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    Marketing Automation support

    We can help you to get the most out of your Marketing Automation software and help to integrate it with your marketing activity.

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    Tiered levels of telephone and email support for HubSpot and Inbound strategy to help you plan, strategise and troubleshoot if things "don't go quite right."

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    Explaining Lead Nurturing and Marketing Automation

    Part of the Inbound way of thinking is getting your head around effective Lead Nurturing and Marketing Automation, turning your website from a brochure of your services to an extended member of your marketing and sales team.

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