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    Why do you need Content Performance Analysis?

    Measuring the performance of your content assets is crucial to ascertaining which elements of your marketing strategy - and content topics - actually worked well.

    If you don’t consistently measure your content performance, you’re effectively marketing blind. How do you know which topics are resonating with your target audience for future campaigns if you don’t consider past performance?

    Strangely, many marketers distribute content with the hope that it will simply perform well without any additional assessment or evaluation. Ironically, they spend a significant amount of their time analysing campaigns, reports and keywords but don’t extend the same due diligence to their content’s performance.

    In order for marketers to effectively connect with their customers and prospects, establish a relationship, provide them with the answers to their problems and cement themselves as a credible and authoritative source of information, they need to understand which content works.

    Content Performance Analysis Consultancy

    But we appreciate that gauging your content performance across multiple platforms can be a challenge - particularly without a holistic tool which enables you to evaluate content opportunities and compare your performance across channels.

    So what can you do?


    Fortunately, The B2B Marketing Lab has a team of experienced, highly-accredited and specialised content performance consultants, as well as a partnership with the only, and most powerful, enterprise-grade SEO platform: BrightEdge.

    BrightEdge is a tool that processes over 100 terabytes of data each week with the same level of security as the largest international banks. It analyses organic search queries across all major search engines and social media networks.

    BrightEdge comes with a variety of powerful tools, all of which provide you with a complete and granular view of your content performance, allowing you to make data-driven insights in relation to the marketing of your content.

    BrightEdge Features


    BrightEdge’s Data Cube provides you with a web-wide understanding of billions of pieces of content and consumer intent - showing you which channels, content formats and topics are performing well. With an incredible amount of data available and real-time insights, BrightEdge’s Data Cube delivers unparalleled detail into content performance and helps you drive successful content strategies.


    BrightEdge’s Content Optimizer provides you with a series of customisable recommendations for content, all based around maximum performance online.

    One of the main problems surrounding content creation is optimising the content from the offset - defining keywords, meta descriptions and titles for example, all serve as a means to slow your production process down. BrightEdge’s Content Optimizer delivers.


    Quickly and easily plan your content marketing campaigns based on actual performance data with Story Builder and determine how best to proceed with your content marketing objectives.

    What Can We Do?

    Our Services

    Keyword Analysis and Optimisation

    Our team of SEO consultants monitor and analyse your propositions to calculate the best keyword terms for more effective SEO campaigns.

    Website Optimisation

    Using a variety of tools and techniques, we can optimise, monitor and improve your existing web-pages for key search terms, and create extra pages for new keywords.

    SEO Consultancy and Support

    We can analyse your existing site and provide you with suggestions on how to improve your overall domain authority and credibility in the eyes of search engines.

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