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    Why do I need B2B Paid Search Advertising?

    In today’s world, capturing the attention of your prospects through a variety of media is crucial to ensure they remember you.

    If you’ve reached a point where you’ve constructed an organic strategy that’s driving people to your website, generating leads and increasing your exposure, a good way to reinforce that progress is through paid search - an element of paid media.

    A successful B2B Paid Search Campaign will enable you to:

    • Reconnect with people who have interacted with your website
    • Deliver you highly-targeted traffic through list segmentation
    • Support your existing organic marketing strategy
    • Improve the exposure of your business online
    Paid Search Marketing Consultancy London

    Whilst this may all sound simple, in practice there are a number of variables that you need to actively monitor and refine as you go along to ensure you’re getting the utmost out of your B2B PPC campaigns.

    What is Paid Search?

    Paid Search provides your business with a more sophisticated, secondary platform through which you can drive interested parties to your website. With a well-targeted B2B Paid Search campaign (Pay-Per-Click), you can ensure your advertisements appear on Google surrounding your organic search results relevant to your business when people are searching for a particular problem.

    Whilst paying for each click might sound expensive, a well-designed PPC campaign would allow your ads to appear only when your potential customers are searching for exactly what you offer, allowing you to generate a stream of highly-qualified traffic to your website.

    How can our team of B2B Paid Search Digital Analysts help you?

    Our team of expert B2B paid search digital analysts are highly accredited and well versed in the art of PPC. Through diligent research and analysis, our team of B2B paid search analysts evaluate keyword opportunities, keyword performance, ad performance and the amount you would like to spend each month on PPC, making sure your advertisements are as strong as possible according to the Google quality score. Through close monitoring and regular analysis, we have saved clients thousands of pounds on their PPC spend and yielded better results.

    If implemented correctly and regularly reviewed, well-managed B2B Paid Search campaign can reinforce your existing marketing strategies, deliver greater traffic to your website, increase your exposure online and establish your business as an authority on search engines.

    What Can We Do?

    Our Sevices

    B2B PPC Consultants

    Our scientists undertake strategic keyword and audience research and design effective sponsored adverts for your relevant and engaging pieces of content to drive traffic to your website.

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    Paid Social Advertising

    Our scientists undertake strategic audience research for your key social media channels and design effective social media adverts for your relevant and engaging pieces of content.

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    We can design smart remarketing campaigns through the Google Display Network for people who have interacted with your website to encourage re-engagment with your business.

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