"I want face-to-face, hands-on HubSpot classes to make sure I'm doing things right!"

    You’ve implemented HubSpot on your website, however you or members of your team are not yet familiar with all of its workings and capabilities – and you want to fully understand the platform as a whole.

    You’re at a point where you want to refine and develop your inbound marketing strategy further, as well as improve your knowledge of HubSpot, but you’re not sure who to turn to or where to begin.

    You want to learn how you can:

    • Generate a greater volume of higher quality leads more frequently;
    • Deliver a greater return on investment for your inbound marketing activity;
    • Improve and scale your marketing activity and introduce more sales to your business;
    • Set-up your HubSpot CRM in line with best-practice and to make the most of your HubSpot portal;
    • Understand and optimise the individual HubSpot tools and how they operate;
    • Learn the fundamental components of a good Inbound Marketing strategy;
    • Take your knowledge of your HubSpot marketing platform to the next level.

    If so, The B2B Marketing Lab's HubSpot classes are just what you need!

    HubSpot CRM classes


    How can our expert HubSpot classes benefit you?



    Our clients understand that face-to-face training is 10X better than someone watching a webinar! Our HubSpot classes allow you to delve into your own HubSpot portal and provides the opportunity for live and interactive training, troubleshooting & advice. 


    Once fully trained, you'll be a much more efficienct user of all HubSpot's tools. Our HubSpot classes provide you with a comprehensive understanding  its capabilities and how they can be used to achieve your marketing objectives.


    You can take on more tasks yourself, with the knowledge and confidence you're doing them correctly.


    Get HubSpot trained by someone who understands your business and can answer your specific questions.

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