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    HubSpot Support Packages



    Troubleshooting. Remote support. Maternity cover. Ongoing management. Training. Whatever HubSpot support you need, we’ve got you covered.

    As an all-in-one marketing, sales and customer service solution, HubSpot has a lot of tools. Social media. Landing pages. Calls-to-action (CTAs). Forms. Email. Workflows. Lead scoring. Reporting. Content Management. The list goes on.

    Even for a large marketing team, configuring and using all of the above correctly can be a challenge – it can also take time away from other critical business activities.

    Having successfully implemented HubSpot more than 100 times, we’ve been there, done it and got the t-shirt – and we can help you to do the same.


    What sort of HubSpot Support do we provide?


    No matter where you are in your HubSpot journey, we can help – whether it’s setting up HubSpot, launching your very first campaign or optimising and improving what’s in place already. 


    Technical Setup 

    Get it right the first time and onboard HubSpot smoothly. We'll help you configure HubSpot just the way you want it.



    Having issues after setting up HubSpot? No problem. Our team of experts can isolate and rectify technical errors.  


    Strategy & Planning

    HubSpot is more than just marketing automation - it's a complete stack of tools for your business and we can help you to leverage them.

    What's included in HubSpot support packages?


    We’re flexible and our packages can be built or modified to suit your needs. Whether you need lead management and content creation, or public relations and HubSpot support, we can accommodate you.

    To ensure our services are tailored to your specific requirements, we’ll have an initial discovery call and a number of meetings to understand what it is you need.


    Support Hours

    From ongoing HubSpot management to ad-hoc support requests, our team can provide regular support hours to meet your needs.


    We have an in-house team of specialist content writers who can create lead-generating content for use in the media or on your website.



    Script writing. Recording. Editing. Our team can put together corporate – or less corporate – video on your behalf.



    We can help you to put together in-depth eBooks to demonstrate your subject matter expertise and generate leads via your website.



    Social Media

    Attract interested parties online and establish your business as a thought leader in its space using our tried-and-tested social media campaigns.


    With our unique and detailed reporting process – drill down into the metrics that matter and understand what’s driving your business’ lead generation activity.

    Case Studies

    Provide your prospects with proof that your business can help them. Our case studies help to raise your profile and attract interested parties. 

    Market Research

    Our team can put together a research report that provides a foundation for future PR, content marketing and Inbound sales activity.



    SEO Support 

    Through our in-house team of SEO specialists and sister agency, Be Found Online, we can provide international SEO support.


    PPC Campaigns 

    We can help you to devise PPC campaigns that get your products and services in front of the right people at the right time, leading to some quick wins.


    Public Relations

    Increase brand awareness and improve your business’ exposure in the news and media with our specialist PR support.



    Website Growth 

    Turn your website into a lead-generating machine and grow it on a regular basis using the Growth-Driven Design methodology.

    Click one of the images below for a HubSpot Support Case Study


    HubSpot Support

    Wolters Kluwer 

    Wolters Kluwer HubSpot Support Case Study



    HubSpot Support


    ecruit Case Study

    HubSpot Support

    DPS Solutions 

    DPS case study 1

    HubSpot Support

    Blue Group 

    Blue Group Inc Case Study

    HubSpot Support - Frequently Asked Questions



    How much do our support packages cost?

    The starting point for our ongoing services can be as little as £2,500 per month.
    Depending on what services you need - for example content creation and website development - and the areas of your business we support it can scale up to £10,000, £12,000, £15,000 or even £17,000 per month. 

    For a full explanation of our pricing please see our pricing page here.

    What types of problems can you help me with?

    Let's flip this question on its head. What do you need help with? 

    As our support packages are bespoke and tailored to your needs, we can help you with just about anything - from technically HubSpot issues and configuration through to content creation and social media support. 
    One thing that all our packages have in common is that they are built around practices that help drive business  growth


    Who will my point of contact be?

    As soon as we start discussing your HubSpot support requirements, we'll introduce you to your account team. This team will consist of an account director and account manager - both of whom will be your main point of contact on a day-to-day basis. 

    They will run all update calls, meetings and answer any questions you may have.


    Do you need access to my HubSpot?

    To provide you with the necessary level of HubSpot support, our team will need access to your HubSpot portal.
    Don't worry. Our team is comprised of accredited HubSpot experts, so they know their way around the platform.
    We're happy to sign non-disclosure agreements and have our own template that we can provide if necessary. 

    What if I want to learn how to fix it myself?

    Your business growth is important to us and we want you to be able to use HubSpot as a tool to drive that growth. 

    To that end, we build knowledge transfer programmes into our HubSpot support packages. What this means is that we'll train your team over the duration of the contract on how to use HubSpot properly.
    Eventually, we can pass control back over to your team, leaving room in the support package to help you with your overall marketing campaigns. 

    Do I need to schedule support calls or appointments in advance?

    As part of our HubSpot support agreement, we will have regular update calls and face-to-face meetings with you and your team. 
    These meetings will be arranged early on and are usually done fortnightly or quarterly. 
    We will arrange these very early on in the agreement, which usually consists of fortnightly update calls and quarterly meetings. However, this is flexible, and we can increase or decrease those numbers if required. If you need to arrange some time outside of those agreed, simply drop your account manager an email or call and we'll get that arranged. 


    Looking for more information on our HubSpot Support Services?