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    Why build your website in the HubSpot CMS?


    HubSpot CMSBack in 2017 HubSpot added a content management system tool onto their growing suite of marketing, sales and customer service tools. Today, you can use the CMS as an add-on onto your current HubSpot licence, or use the CMS as a stand alone product. 

    But why would you use HubSpot over a cheaper alternative like WordPress, or why would you use HubSpot over a more expensive alternative like Adobe Experience Manager? From our experience, HubSpot has by far enough features and tools to justify the price when compared to a free tool like WordPress - and in addition is an enterprise scale CMS system (like Adobe), but at a fraction of the cost.   

    HubSpot CMS also provides you with:


    Connected Systems

    Connecting your CMS to you marketing and sales activity is an absolute no-brainer. For marketers to succeed at Inbound Marketing, content and website management needed to be easier, streamlined and integrated into every aspect of your business.

    Drag and Drop

    The HubSpot website template builder enables non-technical marketers to create fully-functional templates with pre-built modules easily, effectively removing the need for a website developer, designer and coder all in one go.


     The HubSpot platform supports a growing number of official and third-party integrations. Lead generation, advertising, analytics and data, customer success, live chat, video, social media – the list goes on.




    HubSpot is secure by design and does not require plugins in order to be secure. All HubSpot products are developed with security in mind from the moment of conception to deployment.



    HubSpot CMS boasts a 99.9999% uptime. The platform recognises the importance of your website to your business, and over 40,000 customers rely on HubSpot for their CMS each and every day, 24/7.

    Content Staging

    If you are frequently making lots of changes to your website (which is a good thing!), you can use a staging environment to view all your changes across the site before publishing.




    Learn about B2BML's approach to HubSpot Website Design



    At The B2B Marketing Lab, we specialise in Growth-Driven Website Design, and it’s an approach we recommend to all of our clients. When it comes to website design, the traditional way of building sites was to spend a huge amount of time, effort and money before hitting 'publish'. The website would then stay static for two years before all of that effort happened again, and the cycle would continue. 

    With growth-driven design, the focus switches to building the most effective website you can in a short time period, and then building, improving and growing that website over time, using all the fantastic data HubSpot provides to make sensible decisions on how to grow. 


    A new website - built in three stages: 

    With growth-driven design, the focus switches to building the most effective website you can in a short time period, and then building, improving and growing that website over time, using all the fantastic data HubSpot provides to make sensible decisions on how to grow.  



    Stage One: 

    The Strategy

    Before you even start thinking about building or editing web pages, you need to get a really good strategy in place. This includes looking at buyer personas, as well as your companies goals and purpose for building a new website. From this we help will help you with template designs, site maps and key SEO research to ensure your new website has the best possible change of success.

    Stage Two:

    The Launch Pad 

    Once you have a strategy in place, the next step of the GDD process is to build a launch pad. This launch pad is a website which is currently better than what you currently have live, but is by no means the end product, or complete website. The key is here to have a website full of 'must haves' which is better than your current one, even if it's half of the size.

    Stage Three: 

    Continuous Growth

    Once your launch pad website is live, it's not time to grow it continuously. The great thing is that you have a live website and a CMS which is providing you with amazingly valuable data. We help you use this data to grow your website month on month to ensure it's hitting your goals set out within stage one of the process. 

    How do we manage website projects?



    Example companies who have adopted the GDD methodology: 


    HubSpot CMS

    Case Study:


    Wolters Kluwer HubSpot Support Case Study



    HubSpot CMS

    Case Study:


    DPS case study 1



    HubSpot CMS

    Case Study:


    ecruit Case Study



    HubSpot CMS

    Case Study:


    Velocity Case Study



    Additional website support from B2BML

    As well as building growth-driven design style websites, we also help lots of clients with very bespoke requirements, as explained below.


    Custom Templates

    We have in-house developers that work continually on HubSpot CMS custom development work. From building email and landing page templates, through to custom modules and bespoke developments. 



    HubSpot has a wide range of templates you can purchase or download for free, however we also help clients build custom templates from wireframing and designing, all the way through to the actual development build.


    Managing websites in multiple languages or regions? Or simply just looking to fully optimise your website? We have a team of SEO experts across the world who work with enterprise scale website optimisations projects on a daily basis.


    Having a website is great, driving lots of website to a website is also great, but unless it generates high quality leads and customers, it's unlikely you'll hit your marketing, sales and business goals. Our team can work with you to tweak your site and ensure your website conversion rate is at a rate that helps you drive new customers.

    Content Creation

    The content on your website is absolutely key to its success - however website content comes in different forms. From product specific content, through to educational content in the form of eBooks and blogs, all the way through to video and market research style content, all of it is needed for a successful website!


    Your website is the hub of your business activity, and therefore may need to integrate with lots of platforms. We help companies integrate with lots of platforms from events and recruitment platforms, through to ecommerce and analytics tools, our team can help manage custom integrations if required.

    How long does a GDD website take to build?



    "How much will a new website cost?"


    As ever, it depends! 

    Growth-driven design website packages are split over a 12 month period, with the first quarter being more expensive as it includes a lot of the front load work. The cost of the website depends on the size of the launch pad, as well as how quickly you want to build up the site each month from that point onwards. 


    "How long does it take to go live?"



    We aim to get a launch pad website live within three months of working with us. That gives us enough time to ensure all of the strategy and prep work is completed to a high quality, and then build out the launch pad ready for testing and go-live. 

    If there website is hundreds of pages, of has very complex integrations, then that timeframe is usually edited and explained at the outset.


    "Can I migrate my website into HubSpot?"


    Yes! For more information on migrating your website into the HubSpot CMS - please read this blog. 


    "Do you outsource any development work?"


    We have a team of in-house developers here at The B2B Marketing Lab that work on all of our GDD clients. However, from time to time if there is a requirement for outsourced developers, we also have a couple highly recommended partners that we have worked with for years in the HubSpot community. 


    "How much does HubSpot CMS cost?"


    To use the HubSpot CMS, you need to pay HubSpot £245.00 per month, If you are already using another HubSpot product, this will simply be added onto your current HubSpot expenditure.

    "Are HubSpot websites fully responsive?"


    Yes! HubSpot templates are fully responsive to whichever device your are viewing a website on. However, there are always some tweaks to responsiveness templates when it comes to text size and images which our team spend a lot of time optimising. 

    Got questions about our HubSpot CMS Services?