Cropped - DEAN GWI 2The world of Inbound has changed significantly since the movement was started by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah back in 2006.

The world of the 'sales funnel' is being replaced the 'customer flywheel' and Inbound Marketing now includes Inbound Sales, Inbound Services and Inbound PR. 

In June 2019, we ran our first ever Grow with Inbound event which was a roaring success. It was a unique opportunity to hear from Brian Halligan, CEO of HubSpot, as well as to understand how Inbound is helping thousands of businesses across the world grow.

We're hosting our second Grow with Inbound event in November 2019, so come and join us for free, hear from some of the smartest marketers and salespeople in the industry, and get best practice advice from experts for one afternoon in central London.


An exclusive, free and invite-only event. We hope to educate and inspire around 100 Inbound professionals.


Tuesday 19th November 2019. The event will start early in the afternoon and finish early in the evening. We hope to have some drinks afterwards and we would love it if you could join us.


SCI Headquarters,
14/15 Belgrave Square,


The largest Inbound event takes place in Boston, USA, every September. We are bringing Inbound to London!


  • JD

    JD Sherman

    President & CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER, HubSpot

    JD Sherman is the President and Chief Operating Officer of HubSpot, where he sets company goals and aligns them across HubSpot. JD has been at HubSpot since 2012, and prior to that he spent six years as Akamai's Chief Financial Officer, where he was responsible for finance, strategic planning, and corporate development. 

  • CK

    Christian Kinnear

    VP of Sales & Managing Director EMEA, HubSpot

    Christian Kinnear is the Vice President and Managing Director of HubSpot, EMEA. Christian joined HubSpot Dublin in October 2015 as Director of Sales, where he was responsible for coordinating the company’s sales strategy across key regions. 


  • RJD

    Bob Dearsley

    CEO, The B2B Marketing Lab

    Bob Dearsley is a 25+ year PR veteran, marketing specialist, speaker, and the founder of the London-based group: The ITPR Group. Known for his reality-rooted marketing advice and intuitive understanding of what works in the world of start-ups and SME businesses, Bob has helped everyone from shoe-string start-ups to established tech firms reach their ideal prospect base and grow.


  • JG JP

    Jessica Gamble & Jessica Packer

    The B2B Marketing Lab

    Jessica Gamble, Client Services Director of B2BML manages and supports all of the client services teams across our company in all things HubSpot, SEO, PPC and Public Relations. Jessica Gamble works alongside Jessica Packer, Managing Director of B2BML, who is responsible all operations and growth of the company. 


  • MC RH

    Matthew Creswick & Rebecca Harris

    The B2B Marketing Lab

    Matthew Creswick, Group Marketing Director at B2BML manages all marketing activity under The ITPR Group, from content creation and digital activities as well as a variety of events. Matthew works closely with Rebecca Harris, Commercial Director at B2BML who is focused on all commercial aspects of the company. 


Starting from 02:30 PM

Registration & Welcome Reception

Come and register, grab a tea or coffee with our team and spend some time in the wonderful garden room at the SCI. 


Starting from 03.00 PM

Introduction: Bob Dearsley

Bob Dearsley, CEO of The B2B Marketing Lab, will introduce the event and present the most recent marketing, sales and customer service trends we've seen as an agency.


Starting from 03:15 PM

Keynote 1: Christian Kinnear

Christian Kinnear, VP of Sales and Managing Director of HubSpot, EMEA, will provide the latest HubSpot updates - both from a functionality and European business perspective - as well as what to expect over the next 12 months. 


Starting from 03:45 PM

Keynote 2: Matthew Creswick & Rebecca Harris

Matthew Creswick & Rebecca Harris from B2BML will investigate what marketing and sales has performed well for us as a business over the last 12 months, as well as what marketing and sales activity has performed badly. 


Starting from 04:15 PM

Keynote 3: Jessica Gamble & Jessica Packer

Jessica Gamble & Jessica Packer from B2BML will provide real-life examples and case studies of some of our client activity over the last 12 months - the good and the bad!


Starting from 04:45 PM

Fireside Chat: JD Sherman

HubSpot's COO, JD Sherman, will be joined by the CEO of The B2B Marketing Lab, Bob Dearsley, on stage for a fireside chat about all things Inbound, HubSpot, and what's next for marketing. 


Starting from 05.30 PM

Q&A: Ask Us Anything

This is your time to ask Bob, JD or Christian any questions at all!


Starting from 06:00 PM

Event Close: Drinks and Networking

Keynotes and talks will conclude at 5.45pm, but there will be opportunities to network and drink before we close the event at 6.30pm.