Why do you need a Social Media Marketing strategy?

    Believe it or not - more and more of your prospects are using social media on a daily basis.

    In the business world, most people use LinkedIn and Twitter to stay in touch and to find out what's new. Some may use Facebook as well, but it is less important in the world of B2B than in consumer markets where it is a significant part of daily business.

    As social media is used by many people in the business - and particularly by journalists, to investigate the latest trends in a marketplace and to keep up to date with industry news - it’s quickly becoming an increasingly important element in your overall marketing strategy.

    However, social media is constantly changing. Therefore, in order for your business to keep on top of trends and developments, and to ensure you can design an effective social media strategy, an experienced and dynamic social media content agency is the solution you need.

    Social Media Marketing Agency

    Social media marketing offers a dynamic and proactive approach to your social media content distribution online. By using social media channels, you can push your content to specific, targeted audiences, and increase visitors to your website, which in turn increases your potential sales enquiries.

    Though, you may be thinking - how on earth can social media be so effective?

    Why are people turning to Social Media?

    Consumers in this day and age readily turn to colleagues, acquaintances and their circle of affiliates online to discern what’s great - and what isn’t. Platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have gradually become hubs for the exchange of information regarding products and services, helping people make informed decisions based on communal review.

    By pushing your content out on these platforms, it can be quickly shared and digested by members of the platform in question - and if it’s found to be engrossing, informative and appealing, they will feel compelled to share it amongst their friends, acquaintances and business. Social media marketing offers your business a tremendous opportunity to scale its exposure significantly and amplify the capacity and potency of the content you produce.

    How can a specialist Social Media Content Agency help you?

    At The B2B Marketing Lab, we’re constantly engaging and interacting across social media platforms - and provide support and advice in regards to designing a successful social media marketing campaign.

    And, as a specialist Social Media Marketing agency, we can design social media programmes to suit your business objectives and help you establish yourself online, drive traffic to your website and have people talking about your business in no time.


    We're experts in:

    Analysing how and which social media channels can best work for you – for example, is Facebook suitable for your market? How often should you tweet? Which content should you be promoting?

    Building a steady stream of blogs based on your PR activity, which in turn provides fuel for your other social media channels.

    Managing and feeding the appropriate social media channels with content promotion and industry news and configuring automated and semi-automated processes to make sure that you never run out of something (valuable) to say – the greatest flaw of so many social media campaigns!

    Monitoring the chosen social networks to identify conversations and opportunities to become involved in, so your business can engage with the community and increase its exposure online.

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    Remote support & troubleshooting

    Tiered levels of telephone and email support for HubSpot and Inbound strategy to help you plan, strategize and troubleshoot if things don't go quite right."

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