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    As a HubSpot Diamond Partner and a HubSpot Certified Trainer, our team of scientists are experts in all things HubSpot and Inbound Marketing.

    Our industry-accredited, Diamond grade training covers everything you need to know to improve your Inbound Marketing campaigns and your marketing and sales funnel as a whole.

    So, whether you are a HubSpot novice getting to grips with the software, a seasoned pro looking to supercharge your marketing activity, or you need advice on managing your HubSpot CRM, sales pipeline, or marketing team - we can help.  


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    Untitled design (7)Our team of HubSpot Certified Trainers provide day to day Marketing account support and are involved in all stages of the process, including the development of lead nurturing campaigns, content generation, page design, workflow management, social media campaign management and results tracking. ​​

    It's this knowledge of the day to day HubSpot usage which provides great experience and 'know how' when it comes to being able to provide expert training in Singapore. 

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    Training Timeline


    Over the next few months, we will be hosting a series of free* HubSpot training sessions in Singapore (CBD). No matter your level of knowledge - you can sign up for as many sessions as you like! Find out what we're going to cover in each session below.

    *Please note that we ask for $20.- as a contribution towards the event and refreshment costs of the training in place. You only need to pay this once in order to attend all seven training sessions.

    Setting content live in HubSpot - Part 1

    In our first session, we will run through the elements you need to set your gated content live. We'll discuss how to create calls-to-action (CTAs), forms and thank you pages.

    26 Sept

    Training complete

    Setting content live in HubSpot - Part 2

    In the second session we will run through the remaining elements you need to set your content live - i.e. a follow-up email and landing page - and how to plug everything together.

    10 Oct

    Training complete

    HubSpot Blogging

    In the third session, we will show you how to create and publish a blog in HubSpot, as well as some best practice tips in terms of structure, content and keyword optimisation.

    24 Oct

    Training complete

    HubSpot Social Media

    In our forth session, we will talk about how to set and use the HubSpot social media tool and some tips on how to create an effective social media plan.

    07 Nov

    Training complete

    HubSpot Email Marketing

    In the fifth session, you will learn about the HubSpot email tool - which type of emails you can send out, best practices and how to analyse your email performance.

    21 Nov

    Training complete

    Building Buyer Personas

    In the sixth session, we will talk about how to create of buyer personas - the core of all your inbound marketing efforts - and how you can use them to segment your database in HubSpot.

    05 Dec

    Training complete

    HubSpot Lead Management

    The seventh and last session will be about lead management in HubSpot and how to use the contact profile, set up custom contact properties, use lead scoring and the workflow tool.

    19 Dec

    Training complete

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