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    As a current, or soon to be HubSpot user, you will either appreciate, or soon come to realise, that there is a plethora of data and statistics that the platform records, and that it can be very easy to get lost amongst all the numbers.

    But the questions you’ll most likely be asking yourself are: what statistics should I be looking at? What conversions should I be looking for? Where do I find them? Are these the numbers below or above average compared to other users?

    In addition, exporting data from HubSpot can be a little daunting, the spreadsheet exports can absolutely huge, and again, it's hard to tell which totals you should and shouldn't be interested in.

    The overall goal for anyone working with HubSpot is a clear marketing return on investment (ROI) report. Being able to predict how many web visits or page views are needed at the top of an ROI report in order to be able to predict the number of leads that will be generated, the number that will be accepted by sales, the opportunities created and the number of closed/won business at of the bottom of the funnel.

    This is in our view, the key to marketing ROI reporting



    HubSpot Reporting

    Introducing 'B2B Marketing Lab Impact Reports'...

    Most of our clients either do not have enough time, or find it hard to export, manage and process the data they need from HubSpot, to provide them with clear marketing ROI reporting. Our B2BML scientists have created monthly 'Impact Reports' which are unique to The B2B Marketing Laboratory. These reports are created to suit your requirements and include exactly what you want them to include, from web statistics to content performance. The team of data analysts and scientists at The B2B Marketing Lab spend the first few days of each month extracting and processing data for our Impact Reports, before sharing and presenting them in neat infographic and chart formats which make it easy for busy directors to assimilate quickly - whilst highlighting the key and salient points.

    A B2BML Impact Report should include: 


    Web Statistics

    These reports will look at all web statistics, including traffic sources, geography, new vists: direct, indirect and organic. 

    Lead Analysis (ROI)

    These reports look at exactly how many leads are generated and where from, as well as exactly what happens to those leads and their pound value as they move down the funnel.

    Content Performance

    Which content is performing the best on your website and against industry benchmarks? This is key in the content marketing world.

    Social Performance

    Advice on which channels are performing the best, and guidance on the best times to tweet and promote content on LinkedIn. 

    Want more information?

    Talk to a consultant about your reporting requirements

    Looking for more information on our HubSpot Reporting Services?

    Complete the form on the right-hand side to book a free consultation with one of our HubSpot Account Managers. During this consultation we will discuss your current HubSpot and marketing setup, as well as looking at how you are planning to report using HubSpot. No commitment. No obligation. Just a 30 minute free consultation and a chance for you to ask questions.

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    What’s included in your HubSpot Reporting services?

    Our HubSpot Reporting services are based on years of experience of working with clients who are trying to improve the reporting within HubSpot, as well as the data that can be extracted and presented. Our reporting services provide you with the information of what can be exported in what format, and presented in a way that makes sense to Marketing Directors, CMOs and CEOs.

    Can I tell you what I want the reports to include?

    Yes, we can provide you with an example impact report that includes absolutely everything that we’ve reported on previously. At this stage, you can let us know what you want to keep, and what parts you aren’t as interested in and we can remove.

    How often would I receive the reports?

    Our standard impact reports are created on a monthly basis, where we spend the first few days of the month pulling the data and creating the reports, before sending over to you one week into the month. At this point, we’d run through the reports with you to assist you in spotting trends, and using the data provided to make sensible and educated marketing decisions.

    Can you teach me how to create the reports myself

    Yes! .. We’ve helped companies learn exactly what information can be found within HubSpot, how to extract it, how to present it, and how to analyse it. Our knowledge transfer programs includes a process that we’ll work with you to determine what your data looks like, and then work with you to create reports that will improve your marketing decisions.

    What do the reports look like?

    We like to be visual with the reports that we create, but clear and concise. There’s no point in reporting just for the sake of reporting, we only report on things that matter and things that can be used to make educated marketing decisions.

    In what format will I receive them?

    You’ll receive your impact report in PDF format at the end of each month, but you can also request the source file if required.

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