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    Do you need HubSpot Onboarding Support?


    HubSpot Onboarding SingaporeHubSpot can be complicated. The problem with implementing and onboarding your company onto the tool for the first time is that you haven't done it before, you aren't quite sure what to expect and you aren't prepared for what could come up.

    When it comes to implementing a new marketing automation platform, there are an endless number of details and processes that need to be set-up first before you should start working. Simple things such as identifying resources, determining goals and objectives and allocating responsibilities - all of these play a significant and important role in the deployment of your new software. 

    Many companies opt to get support from HubSpot directly, or from a HubSpot partner when onboarding the tool. Having someone help out who has onboarded the software numerous times before has lots of benefits.


    Why onboard HubSpot with the help of a Partner?

    Diamond Onboarding

    When it comes to implementing HubSpot, there are lots of things that need to be completed during the onboarding process to ensure you are set up for success. Some of these are very simple, and some are more complex, we've outlined a few below to give you some ideas: 

    • Setting up your Javascript tracking code to accurately track website analytics in Google Analytics
    • Connecting your CRM to your HubSpot platform, or setting up new on the HubSpot CRM
    • Setting up workflows and lead management processes within the platform
    • Creating custom contact properties which are unique to your company to ensure a high quality contact database
    • Setting up sub-domains for HubSpot pages to sit on
    • Building website pages, landing Pages, thank you pages, emails and forms as well as creating and/or editing templates for all of these
    • Migrating existing content such as your blog, eBooks and other assets

    Onboarding alone, with HubSpot, or with a Partner?

    When it comes to onboarding HubSpot, there are a few options available. The choice you make when deciding on whether to get HubSpot onboarding support, and whether to get the support from either HubSpot or a HubSpot Partner completely depends on your level of experience with using the tool. We would recommend that you don't try and onboard the tool by yourself - mainly due to the complexities and ever changing products, tools and features that only people who work in the tool day-to-day will have a good working knowledge of. 

    The choice between onboarding with HubSpot or onboarding with a Partner is completely up to you. The main feedback we get from clients that decide to onboard with HubSpot Partners is that they provide a fantastic working knowledge of the product and how it integrates with your overall business and marketing/sales activity, as opposed to be purely product focused. 


      Onboarding HubSpot alone Onboarding HubSpot with HubSpot directly Onboarding HubSpot with B2BML
    Guidance and assistance in launching your first campaign -


    Assistance and guidance on integrating CRM system  -



    Technical set up support for your new HubSpot portal -



    Buyer Persona Development Templates - -


    Example lead management process documents - -


    Social media audit documents provided - -


    Online Consultation - -


    Remote support - -


    Face to face beginner classroom Training - -


    Face to face advanced classroom Training - -  
    Contact Import support from existing CRM system  - -   




    An Example B2BML HubSpot Onboarding Timeline

    Whether HubSpot is your first marketing and sales platform or an additional tool to support your existing strategy, we can easily implement HubSpot for you and get you up to speed in our industry accredited HubSpot training courses. If you're looking for our support in onboarding HubSpot, we'll work out a plan together, but you can see below an example of what you can expect over a three month period.


    Calendar Icon

    Week One 

    Week one of our onboarding packages will include an introduction to the team you'll be working with (you can see an example team further down the page). We'll also have a session to set goals and objectives and start the technical setup.

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    Week Two

    Week two of our onboarding will include reviewing and building buyer personas. It's so important that everyone involved understands who your buyer personas are from the start, so you know who you are trying to target.

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    Weeks Three & Four

    By this point our team will have worked on the technical setup of the onboarding into your system, and we'll start training your team with face to face training, as well as content strategy sessions and editing your skinned HubSpot templates.


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    Month Two

    Month two will consist of really getting your team up to speed with HubSpot. Advanced training sessions and building out your lead management processes is key as you start launching campaigns.





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    Month Three

    Within month three you'll start launching landing pages and promotion through HubSpot. So we'll audit all of your social channels and content to ensure all is as optimised as it can be!

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    Ongoing Support

    For companies looking for on-going support after the initial three-month onboarding, you can expect a continuation of support from our team covering all aspects of HubSpot and content campaigns.


    Some companies with Implemented HubSpot for:


    Blue Group 

    Blue Group Inc Case Study


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    ecruit Case Study


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    Digital Post Solutions

    DPS case study


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    Velocity Case Study


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    All our HubSpot Implementation Packages Include: 


    Classroom HubSpot Training

    As part of your HubSpot onboarding package with us, you'll receive expert face to face training with our team of HubSpot Certified Trainers.

    Lead Management Process

    We'll help you evaluate and analyse your current lead management process, as well as build a new one within the HubSpot tool.

    Technical Setup Support

    There's a fair amount of technical setup involved when purchasing a new HubSpot portal, but we've done it plenty of times and know what to expect!

    Buyer Persona & Social Templates

    Buyer Personas are key to the success of your marketing and sales activity, we'll help you create, and document these for all of your team to use.

    Remote Support & Guidance

    As well as face to face training, you'll receive remote support and guidance from our team in London, with frequent online calls and consultation sessions.

    Face to Face Consultation

    We love planning and setting strategy, within our packages you'll get plenty of time with our consultants to write on walls and create master plans!

    The B2B Marketing Lab

    HubSpot Onboarding Pricing




    Marketing Professional Onboarding

    Lead management process documentation

    Technical setup support

    Buyer persona & social template

    6 hours of remote guidance and support

    2.5 hours face to face consultation




    Marketing Enterprise Onboarding

    HubSpot Classroom Training

    Lead management process documentation

    Technical setup support

    Buyer persona & social templates

    12 hours of remote guidance and support

    5 hours face to face consultation




    HubSpot Marketing Onboarding

    HubSpot Sales Onboarding

    HubSpot Service Onboarding

    Bespoke HubSpot training

    Technical setup support

    Buyer persona workshop

    20 hours of remote guidance and support

    10 hours face to face consultation

    How much does it cost to onboard HubSpot with B2BML?

    It depends on which HubSpot software you are onboarding! To onboard the HubSpot Marketing Professional tool, our onboarding package costs £2,450, whilst you can onboard the Enterprise tool for £4,900. This is the same cost that HubSpot charge directly - however our onboarding packages include additional benefits such as classroom training for you and your team. 
    If you are looking to onboard the full suite of HubSpot tools, including marketing, sales and customer service tools, please get in touch with our team and we can provide you with a bespoke quotation to meet your needs and requirements. 


    Can we include HubSpot training for my team?

    One key difference between onboarding HubSpot with us compared to onboarding alone is that you receive classroom training for your team. We run a range of classroom training in our offices in central London, and by purchasing one of our onboarding packages you automatically get seats on these courses included. 

    Why use a HubSpot partner over onboarding with HubSpot directly?

    There are lots of differences between onboarding with a partner when compared to onboarding with HubSpot directly. The main differences we see are the type of relationship and support you are looking to receive. 
    If you onboard with HubSpot, you'll have a few online calls with a HubSpot representative in order to help you get up and running, setting you homework between the calls so you can go away and complete some crucial tasks. 
    HubSpot partners spend each day helping their clients get the most out of the HubSpot tool - so by onboarding with a partner you can expect them to be much more involved with how HubSpot integrates with your wider business and marketing goals. This therefore includes things like lead management help, buyer persona creation and campaign support. 


    How quickly can we started with onboarding the tool?

    It depends on how quickly you need to get going. From our side, our operations team use time tracking and capacity planning software to be able to give you an idea of when we can get started. If you let us know in early discussions if you have a deadline or a timeframe that you need to work towards, we'll work that into our planning to ensure we can help you meet your goals. 

    How long does it take to onboard HubSpot?

    We usually expect the full onboarding process to take around three months. This obviously depends on the amount of complexities involved - and whether or not this includes any migrations or integrations. There is quite a lot to cover, and HubSpot is not a small investment for your company - so we make sure that enough time is taken to ensure that the onboarding is correct and not rushed.

    Are your HubSpot onboarding packages flexible?

    If you would like to tweak our onboarding packages that's absolutely fine. We have a wide range of services that aren't included in the standard set up. For example things like content creation, SEO and PPC support to name a few. If there's items you want in addition to the standard package, please let us know and we'll create a bespoke package for you.  

    An example HubSpot Onboarding team:




    Account Strategy



    Account Direction

    Karoline-Office-3-752041-editedDean SQ


    Account Manager

    Dean SQ


    Campaign Support



    Content Creation



    SEO Support