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    HubSpot Consultants


    Are you looking for a HubSpot Consultant to assist you with your Marketing Automation plans and marketing activities?

    Or perhaps you’re looking to educate your team on using HubSpot for Marketing Automation and the Inbound Marketing methodology?

    We understand that there’s always more for you and your team to learn - and that you want to make sure that you are using your Hubspot portal and all of its tools correctly. 

    Perhaps you are struggling to onboard the software properly, you have inherited a HubSpot portal and you're not sure you're getting the best out of it, or you simply want to learn more about inbound marketing. But fear not, our scientists are experienced in developing HubSpot Consultancy packages for a number of clients, which allow you to tell us exactly what you need help with.

    So, if you’re looking to ramp up your HubSpot marketing and sales activity, start building lead nurture pathways or want to educate your team on how best to implement the Inbound Marketing process, we can help.

    At the B2B Marketing Lab, we specialise in delivering bespoke HubSpot and Inbound Marketing Consultancy and Training packages. While we can develop and deploy lead generating marketing campaigns to your specifications and expectations, our expertise is in advising you on how you can make them and your overall marketing strategy better and what aspects you’re missing out on or neglecting.

    Our consultancy packages are built around your business objectives and expectations, so whether you need to achieve a specific goal by a specific time, we can provide you with the support, advice and resource you need.

    Here’s what you can expect from our consultancy and training packages;

    We provide comprehensive advice, support and training on:

      • Inbound Marketing best practices
      • HubSpot integration and pre-onboarding strategy
      • Content performance analysis, buyer personas and content mapping
      • Content creation, SEO, keyword optimisation, keyword strategies and opportunities
      • Content amplification
      • Email marketing
      • Sophisticated workflows, lead generation, lead scoring and segmentation
      • Social media promotion, monitoring and engagement
      • ROI reporting, 'Impact Reports' and marketing and sales analytics


     HubSpot Consultants London

    Why HubSpot and Inbound Marketing Consultancy?

    Our training programs are designed around a set agenda (which you can alter depending on what aspects you need training on) whereas our consultancy packages are more specific, focused on a particular problem you want to resolve or goal you want to achieve.

    As part of our consultancy process, we will have a couple of discovery calls with you to discuss exactly what you need help with, and also to discuss the agenda that you would like for our face-to-face meeting. Typically we would go away and spend half a day preparing, so that you get the utmost out of a day of consultancy with one of our specialist HubSpot consultants.

    Our HubSpot Consultancy days include


    Tailored programmes

    Our consultancy days are all built around you. You chose the agenda and the topics you want to cover. We are here to provide you with the advice, support and resource you need.

    Your Agenda

    You choose the agenda for the day. From lead nurture pathways to effective lead scoring, our consultancy days are all based around ensuring you get out exactly what you need.

    Experts knowledge

    Our scientists have over 12 years’ combined HubSpot experience and can help you understand the most effective ways of using HubSpot to achieve your business goals


    Prior to your day of consultancy, we spend some time establishing where we can help you improve and how we can meet your expectations, so that you get the most out of your time with us.

    Looking for HubSpot Consultancy services?

    Talk to a consultant about your plans

    Find out more about how we can help you with your next marketing project

    Complete the form on the right hand side to book a free consultation with one of our HubSpot Account Managers. During this consultation we will discuss your current marketing setup, as well as your HubSpot consultancy requirements. No commitment. No obligation. Just a 30 minute free consultation and a chance for you to ask questions.

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    How do I book a consultancy session?

    Please call in or apply on our website to book a consultancy session. One of our HubSpot managers will get in touch to find out a bit more about your request and then provide you with a consultation slot.

    What consultancy services do you provide?

    Our consultancy services range include anything from bespoke training sessions where you decide the agenda, to simple support where you can sit with one of our HubSpot experts and run troubleshoot current problems. In addition, our consultancy can include content and strategy planning sessions which we've run for a number of different businesses before implementing inbound marketing campaigns.

    Why HubSpot consultation?

    You may be new to HubSpot or even a seasoned pro - but you want to get the most out of HubSpot and your Inbound Marketing campaigns. Rather than rely on your own perspective, you want the perspective of an expert (or fellow expert, if you’re a HubSpot pro) to provide you with different insights which can help you enhance your marketing.

    How does the consultation work?

    Tell us what’s bothering you and what you would like to achieve with HubSpot and your inbound marketing. We will then spend a significant amount of time analysing and assessing your problem and objectives, so that we can construct a customised marketing plan for you that is easily implemented and understood.

    What HubSpot Consultancy work have you done previously?

    Our most recent HubSpot Consultancy programs have covered anything from how to report in HubSpot, to setting up efficient lead nurture workflows and using branching logic to promote exactly the right piece of content to the right contact at exactly the right time. Feel free to speak to our team about what you’re looking for from a consultation point of view, we’re here to chat!

    How much does your HubSpot Consultancy cost?

    Our HubSpot Consultancy costs range depend on exactly what you’re looking for. The costs are set out on an hourly basis, but depend on the amount of hours required, the exact task that is required, and how many hours are purchased.

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