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    Bond International Software is a market leading, global provider of specialist Staffing and Recruitment software with over four decades of recruitment industry experience and expertise. With offices in the United States, Australia, Japan, Singapore, China and Hong Kong, Bond International Software enables its clients around the world to streamline their processes and improve business performance.

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    While Bond International Software had experimented with pay-per click (PPC) campaigns in the past, it had not allocated a significant amount of its budget toward it, or used the full range of features available. The Bond marketing team were keen to understand the potential of a fully-fledged PPC and Paid Social campaign, as well as the impact it could have on Bond International Software’s online visibility and lead generation activity.

    When Bond International Software first approached The B2B Marketing Lab, its goal was for its ads to appear in the top position for specific keywords 100% of the time on Google. However, because the recruitment industry is a highly competitive and expensive advertising environment, ensuring maximum campaign visibility and lead generation was difficult. 

    “Thanks to The B2B Marketing Lab, PPC and Paid Social advertising have become cost- effective, lead generating sources for our business. It’s always reassuring to work with a team that is so closely aligned with our priorities. The B2B Marketing Lab team was truly invested in ensuring this campaign was a success and they delivered that success above and beyond our expectations.”

    Megan Walker, Marketing Manager


    Bond International Software

    The Challenges

    Lead generation

    Bond had mapped out and refined its sales process to ensure its sales teams regularly received high-quality leads. However, they wanted to increase the number of qualified leads entering its sales funnel to further increase the amount of sales revenue generated.

    Delivering content to a wider audience

    The B2B Marketing Lab and Bond International Software had been working together for a number of years, collaborating to produce high-quality Inbound Marketing content that would not only be of interest to Bond's potential customers, but also help it to generate more quality leads. However, Bond now needed to expand the reach of its content to a wider audience.

    Ensuring a measurable ROI

    While previous PPC campaigns had been sporadic and with smaller budgets, Bond’s marketing team had now secured a significantly larger budget for PPC. In order to demonstrate and measure the ROI from PPC activity, it was vital that leads and sales generated through the campaign were fully tracked and reported on.









    What Did We Do?

    The Solution


    Given the high level of competition in the recruitment sector, BFO recommended that pre-launch research was carried out to identify and target an extensive list of relevant, long-tail, lower-competition keywords. By targeting this list of keywords, BFO were able to use Bond's PPC budget more efficiently, turning Google AdWords into a more cost-effective source of relevant, high-quality leads. In addition to this, LinkedIn Advertising was used to target relevant users based on their job role, sector, group membership and other factors.


    The BFO team designed compelling ad copy and imagery in line with the landing pages and content assets produced by The B2B Marketing Lab. This copy took into account the fact that searchers on Google are usually at the earliest stages of the buyer’s journey.

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    In order to deliver exceptional ROI, BFO conducted daily checks and changes to optimise Bond's ads, ensuring that click through and conversion rates were high, while costs were as low as possible.


    BFO worked with Bond’s marketing team to implement conversion tracking across Google Analytics, Google AdWords, LinkedIn and the company’s own reporting platform. With reporting set up across each of these platforms, Bond had complete end-to-end measurement and reporting, enabling it to track everything from an initial ad click, through to a purchase.

    Enhanced PPC Campaign

    Bond International Software now has a more cost-effective and lead lucrative PPC campaign that is based on relevant keywords and audience targeting, enabling it to drive more traffic to its website and generate a greater number of high-quality leads.

    Improved analytics & reporting

    Bond International Software’s analytics system has been configured to track the full user journey across Google AdWords, LinkedIn, Google Analytics and its own internal platform. As a result, overall visibility has been improved and Bond now has complete insight into the marketing strategies that deliver the highest quality and quantity of leads.

    Greater conversion rate

    The B2B Marketing Lab helped Bond International Software enhance its PPC campaigns and improve overall conversion rate, delivering an excellent return on investment.

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