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    Velocity Consulting is a specialist IT transformation consultancy with a diverse team of expert management, technology and IT consultants.

    Its team is comprised of specialists who have decades of real-world experience in designing, delivering and managing complex IT transformation programs to meet the IT challenges of tomorrow.



    Velocity wanted to stand out from the crowd and unlike your average IT outsourcing company, Velocity is all about innovation and doing things differently. It wanted its ethos to resonate throughout its marketing activities; and this was a real challenge to translate into lead generation, nurturing and conversion.

    The Velocity team knew that they needed a website that could support a sales lead generation campaign, coupled with a marketing & PR campaign to raise awareness of its business throughout the UK, developing its spokespeople as thought leaders in the UK business press.

    To achieve their ambition, Velocity needed to implement a marketing automation platform capable of helping them generate, track, nurture and convert the leads driven to their website through referrals, organic search and a social media engagement campaign. Enter HubSpot!

    Firstly, the team did a fantastic job of migrating our website into HubSpot and making improvements to the overall look and feel, taking on board all of our feedback until it was exactly how we envisioned! Then came the fantastic content they generated - whether it was an eBook, blog, case study or press release, the writing perfectly reflected our voice and the new design templates they created were exactly on brand and totally different from your generic IT design!

    All in all, the team turned our website into a mean, lean, lead generating machine, and we're really happy with the results!

    Anthony Lamoureux, Director, Velocity Consulting

    Drivers For Change

    Greater Brand Awareness

    Velocity wanted to establish itself as a thought leader in transformative IT Consulting, and in order to do so, it needed a comprehensive, Inbound social media campaign that could generate the necessary levels of interest it required.


    New, Appealing Content

    An Inbound social media campaign would certainly generate awareness, but Velocity needed a means to engage with visitors further and encourage them to investigate the business and it’s proposition. What it needed was a series of high-quality content assets which demonstrated what the business did, how it was different from every other consultancy, and how it come help its website visitors to transform their businesses.

    Website Analytics & Tracking

    Once the leads began to arrive, Velocity needed a system to monitor and measure the influence of its Inbound activities on - and via - the website. It wanted a platform capable of tracking multiple interaction points and compiling them in an easy-to-digest, visual manner.

    The following was achieved within the first 20 weeks of campaign activity:










    What Did We Do?

    The Solution

    Complete website redesign via HubSpot COS

    The B2B Marketing Lab team redesigned the entire Velocity website using the HubSpot COS (Content Optimisation Software) which allowed for the capture, monitoring and nurturing of any new leads generated via the website. This enabled Velocity to have a complete overview of its lead generation to sales process and which pages were performing at an optimal rate. Website pages were continually refined to improve performance and to be brought in line with Velocity’s envisioning.

    A fully integrated Inbound Marketing strategy

    The B2B Marketing Lab team supported Velocity in developing a fully integrated inbound marketing strategy, which encompassed PR, social media, email marketing, SEO and content generation. In addition, they built a lead generation engine to attract, nurture and convert visitors arriving on the Velocity website, as well as increase Velocity's overall brand awareness in the UK through thought leadership, press coverage and case studies.

    Velocity HubSpot Web Design 2.png

    Creation of high-quality content assets

    In order to increase brand awareness and brand authority, The B2B Marketing Lab team created new, enthralling content to support Velocity’s company ethos and could be hosted on its website. This enabled the Velocity account team to build a profile with the business press, amplify its content via social media and therefore attract more traffic to the website. The resulting press engagement further established the Velocity’s directors as thought leaders within the IT, Business and Technology press.

    The Benefits

    Sophisticated website analytics and tracking

    With HubSpot at the helm of Velocity's website analytics and tracking, Velocity had a granular view of how its Inbound lead generation activities were influencing the business' overall performance, as well as what elements of the campaign could be refined to improve lead generation activity.

    Improved lead generation activity

    Through both promotional activity and high-quality content assets, Velocity was able to significantly improve its lead generation activity. Visitors arriving on the website found quality content assets that articulated Velocity's understanding of its prospects' problems. and conveyed the depth of the business' expertise, encouraging more and more visitors to engage with the business.

    Customisable and flexible website design

    Through the migration of its website into HubSpot and the optimisation of its pages through HubSpot's COS system, Velocity had a truly flexible website management platform that could support its lead generation activity. It also provided Velocity with the menas to add new pages and edit existing ones as and when it needed to.

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