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    Blue Group Inc is a B2B and B2C marketing solutions organisation, providing its customers with the best possible brand experience for every interaction. Blue Group Inc enables marketing teams to capitalise on their customer data to create unique marketing programs that increase customer loyalty and revenue opportunity. 




    Blue Group's marketing setup consisted of three websites, each promoting a different solution and with different focuses, templates and styling. Blue Group Inc needed help reviewing these websites and ensuring that all three were search engine optimsed correctly.

    In addition, Blue Group was looking for support and assistance in deploying HubSpot's marketing automation software, and integrating this into their existing website setup.

    I thoroughly enjoy working with The B2B Marketing Lab, they are extremely responsive, multi-skilled and flexible in their approach - providing assistance and guidance whenever needed. Their knowledge of B2B Marketing is a great asset to our own marketing activity.

    Gareth Weaver, Digital Marketing Designer


    Blue Group Inc.

    The Challenges

    Website Review

    Blue Group first and foremost required a review of three seperate websites that made up the Blue Group organisation. This included a report looking at ensuring that the websites were acting as an extended member of the sales and marketing team, by being set up for lead generation and lead nurturing. 

    Better Lead Generation

    Blue Group wanted to improve not only the quantity of leads that were generated through the website, but also the interaction from the first point of contact onwards. This required the building of lead nurture pathways to ensure frequent touch points would nurture leads over time.

    A Requirement for Marketing Automation

    In order for this to be achieved Blue Group needed a marketing automation tool integrated across the organisation which would syncronise with their current CRM system, Salesforce. At the time, Blue Group only had one Marketing Manager who was limited in the amount of time he could spend on Inbound Marketing.









    What Did We Do?

    The Solutions


    The B2B Marketing Lab devised a strategy using HubSpot's Marketing Automation which focused on quality content generation and effective social media promotion. This involved creating informative and useful blogs along with downloadable content which were used to capture, monitor and nurture leads generated via the website.


    The B2B Marketing Lab assisted with the deployment and onboarding of the HubSpot Marketing automation software. This included the creation of landing page and email templates, as well as ensuring that the blog was set up adhering to best practice guidelines.

    Blue Group CS-Solutions 4x3 format.png


    Once The B2B Marketing Lab had helped Blue Group with a steady stream of content for all stages of the buyer journey, these were promoted and amplified over targted social channels. This resulted in a 180% increase in Twitter followers, as well as generating 237 new contacts from social media overall. 


    The B2B Marketing also helped Blue Group build out an email marketing programme, with the aim of nurturing leads from first visit, through to sales qualified lead, and then customer. This programme required the creation of in-depth HubSpot workflows, as well as extensive buyer persona based content planning.

    Quality Lead Generation

    Blue Group Inc is now generating a consistent stream of leads through its website, and reaching potential customers much earlier in the buying cycle. The company has moved from waiting for visitors to use a 'contact us' form, and is now collecting leads at a larger volume using top of the funnel eBooks and 'how to guides'.

    Lead Nurturing

    Blue Group Inc is now automatically nurturing leads within HubSpot, using a variety of different workflows and list segmentation, as well as branching logic to ensure that contacts don't receive content that they've previously read or downloaded. This includes using quality, tailored content to nurture contacts based on their behaviour and interests.

    Knowledege Transfer

    Over time, The B2B Marketing Lab team has provided a range of different HubSpot onboarding and training sessions for Blue Group's growing marketing team, plus process documents and tutorials in order to increase the level of in-house knowledge. Now fully capable in building out and managing Inbound Marketing campaigns in HubSpot, The B2B Marketing Lab handed over the keys to the Blue Group Inc's HubSpot portal for them to drive it onwards and upwards!

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