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    Broadbean is a recruitment software company based in London, England. The company develops software for the recruitment market, covering both in-house recruitment and staffing organisations, aimed at cutting costs and time from the traditional recruitment process.

    Broadbean HubSpot Consultancy Case Study


    Prior to enlisting support from The B2B Marketing Lab team, Broadbean had been using HubSpot for one year and had recently moved its CRM system from Microsoft Dynamics to Salesforce. At the time, Broadbean were looking for specialist consultancy and training that would enable it to get the most out of the integration between the HubSpot Marketing Automation platform and the Salesforce CRM system.

    In addition, Broadbean’s marketing team wanted to develop a more in-depth understanding of all of the tools within the HubSpot Marketing software, including how they could set up and report on Inbound Marketing campaigns, plan and distribute content, and automate specific internal marketing activity through HubSpot’s workflows.

    The B2B Marketing Lab's understanding of HubSpot exceeds even HubSpot's understanding of HubSpot.
    Combined with a real appreciation for our market place, the consultancy we received was perfectly tailored for our needs and has given us the foundation to supercharge our Inbound Marketing activity.

    Laura Gowthorpe
    Marketing Director, Broadbean

    Drivers For Change

    Full utilisation of HubSpot and Salesforce

    Broadbean had recently moved its CRM system from Microsoft Dynamics to Salesforce CRM. Although Salesforce and HubSpot were integrated, the lead management process needed to be reviewed, documented and updated to improve lead management across both marketing and sales.

    Clearly defined Lead Management and better ROI reporting

    One of the issues Broadbean encountered with its HubSpot and Salesforce integration was incomplete pipeline reporting. It wanted to address the accuracy of its reporting and ensure that all data was transferred between HubSpot and Salesforce successfully and correctly segmented.

    Also, another problem with the Salesforce and HubSpot set up was a lack of lead qualification prior to opportunity creation. This meant that while a large volume of opportunities were being created, there was no clear breakdown between ‘closed lost’ leads and invalid opportunities. As a result, this was skewing Broadbean's sales funnel data and affecting the ability of its marketing team to accurately report the ROI of its marketing activity.

    Improved content marketing

    While Broadbean were familiar with creating, publishing and sharing content through the HubSpot platform, it needed support in planning and building more sophisticated lead nurture campaigns. Broadbean wanted better visibility of where users were in the sales funnel and the ability to tailor its content accordingly. It required guidance on how best to define its buyer personas, plan relevant content, build automated campaigns in HubSpot, and track core trigger points in the buyer journey.









    What Did We Do?

    The Solution

    Specialist, bespoke consultancy

    Broadbean invested in two full days of HubSpot and Inbound Marketing consultancy. This included half a day preparation from The B2B Marketing Lab, allowing the team to fully investigate Broadbean’s requirements and build a bespoke training agenda and create tailored training materials.

    On-site training

    No matter how good an online video or article is, when it comes to training and consultancy, there’s nothing quite like face-to-face support.

    The training environment allowed the Broadbean team to ask as many questions as possible; the live workshop sessions gave the teams the opportunity to brainstorm potential buyer personas and content themes in a structured yet creative format. Hands-on support and advice on the day enabled for current processes to be properly documented, reviewed, updated and re-documented. Allowing them to immediately roll out the changes across Broadbean’s marketing and sales team.

    Broadbean HubSpot Consultancy Solution

    Day One Agenda - Content Planning and Distribution

    The training included:

    • Buyer persona and journey planning
    • Content audit and content planning best practice
    • HubSpot Social Inbox - including what tools are available and best practice usage
    • Lead nurture workflows- data segmentation, goal lists and multi-branch/stage workflow planning

    Day Two - Reporting & ROI

    The training included:

    • Understanding and identifying lead journey and lifecycle stages
    • Lead scoring review and planning
    • Example HubSpot Impact Reports - campaign ROI & KPI reporting best practice
    • Salesforce integration - data push options, integration best practice recommendations.

    The Benefits

    Content Marketing Plan

    Broadbean are now able to clearly identify its target audience and build a structured content marketing plan that creates regular, relevant and high-quality content for all of its core audiences.

    As a direct result of The B2B Marketing Lab's support, Broadbean now understand how to visualise, plan and deploy new Inbound campaigns that utilise multiple formats of content, various promotional channels and structured workflow automation, enabling it to maximise lead generation and engagement throughout its campaigns.

    Robust & clearly defined lead management process

    Prior to the training, Broadbean relied on a very manual and inaccurate lead management process between HubSpot and Salesforce.

    By clearly documenting the current process, identifying existing reporting issues and agreeing & defining new lead stages; Broadbean and The B2B Marketing Lab were able to completely restructure Broadbean's lead management process.

    As a result, Broadbean were able to significantly improve the marketing to sales handover process and clearly define ROI reporting criteria for both its marketing and sales teams.

    HubSpot Best Practice

    Lastly, The B2B Marketing Lab provided the Broadbean marketing team with some hands-on best practice and guidance on how to make the most out of the HubSpot platform.

    This included everything from best practice landing page design and layout, utilisation of the social scheduling and listing tools, workflow structuring, and form capture best practice.

    The hands-on support allowed Broadbean’s marketing team to bring up questions and queries in real-time and live troubleshoot them immediately with the support of an experienced product expert.

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