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    Established for over 20 years and operating in 130 countries, CaseWare’s best of breed solutions provide reliability and flexibility to accounts in practice or business.

    CaseWare’s products are used by four of the top five accountancy firms and around half of the Top 100 Practices. In addition to a multitude of mid-tier practices and sole practitioners, CaseWare’s software is also widely used throughout the corporate sector for the preparation of final accounts and corporation tax filings.

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    CaseWare’s marketing team were looking to implement HubSpot and run comprehensive Content Marketing campaigns to generate a greater volume of leads through the website.

    In addition, they realised that while they had a lot of blog content and ungated case studies that demonstrated their industry expertise and capabilities, they needed more gated content designed to attract interested parties to the website and move them further along the buyer journey, as this would allow them to secure more leads and target different buyer personas.

    The team at The B2B Marketing Lab have helped us to build and execute a content strategy that targets all of our key audiences with engaging and informative content, as well as highlight key HubSpot best practices for promoting our content on the website.

    Shez Hamill, Sales and Marketing Director, CaseWare UK

    Drivers For Change

    Low lead generation

    CaseWare was looking to make its website work harder and generate a steady number of leads for its sales team. It was in the process of redesigning its website and required a stream of high-quality content that would attract website visitors and enable CaseWare to engage with them. This, along with the deployment of HubSpot, would help it transition to a highly analytical and measurable Inbound Marketing strategy.


    Lack of gated content

    While there was plenty of freely available case studies and blogs detailing industry news and charity activity on CaseWare's website, there was a lack of in-depth eBooks and articles that could be gated behind a form. However, by using HubSpot, there was an opportunity to capture data from prospects via forms gating content, which would enable CaseWare to build a better picture of its prospects.

    Limited content promotion strategy

    While CaseWare’s social media channels were active, posts were very company news focused and LinkedIn groups were under-utilised within the social media strategy. CaseWare needed to start engaging and communicating with potential prospects on the social channels that they were active on.

    The following was achieved over a recent 18 month period:










    What Did We Do?

    The Solution

    Regular, high-quality content

    The B2B Marketing Lab assisted CaseWare in developing a regular blogging programme – delivering case studies, quarterly eBooks, fortnightly blogs and social media material. Now, thanks to their regular blogging programme, not only has CaseWare improved its overall website ranking through SEO, but also increased its website traffic and inquiries.

    Inbound Marketing best practice

    The B2B Marketing Lab advised CaseWare on Inbound best practices and HubSpot implementation, helping CaseWare to create a fully integrated inbound marketing strategy. In addition, The B2B Marketing Lab assisted CaseWare with content creation, blog development, eBook creation, and market research to help spark social media activity and increase brand exposure.


    Content strategy & promotion

    The B2B Marketing Lab helped CaseWare define its buyer personas and developed a comprehensive content strategy around topics that would help their prospects solve a specific problem. Once the content had been created, the team introduced social media best practice training, helping CaseWare to get up-to-speed with promoting its content across the most appropriate channels.

    The Benefits

    Lead generation via
    high-quality content

    Now CaseWare has an abundance of high-quality, lead generating content situated on its website which acts in accordance with Inbound Marketing best practices.
    Its assets are gated and CTA's are included throughout. With the help of monthly content optimisation sessions with The B2B Marketing Lab, CaseWare are arriving at a stage where it wants to create more sophisticated workflows to nurture its contacts.

    Thought leadership through social media

    CaseWare also has a set of experts within the company that provide insight and opinion for content to give eBooks more depth. The company spokespeople are highly active on social media, promoting the latest pieces of content to target audiences, enhancing CaseWare's visibility and authority as a thought leader.

    HubSpot best practice development & training

    The B2B Marketing Lab continue to provide best practice advice for content promotion and management of CaseWare's HubSpot Portal. This includes training the CaseWare marketing team so they are able to: set up nurture pathways, improve landing page conversion rates, and achieve email marketing success. The B2B Marketing Lab's ongoing training helps the CaseWare marketing team to further develop their knowledge of HubSpot and Inbound Marketing.

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