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    In this blog, find out more about the in-depth HubSpot training our Singapore team provided Minitab - a leading provider of statistical software and services.


    The background

    Headquartered in Pennsylvania, USA, with subsidiaries around the globe, Minitab is the leading provider of software and services for quality improvement and statistical education.

    More than 90% of Fortune 100 companies use Minitab Statistical Software – the company’s flagship product – and more students worldwide have used Minitab to learn statistics than any other package.


    The challenge

    Minitab’s Asia-Pacific (APAC) team were looking for a HubSpot marketing agency that could deliver bespoke, face-to-face HubSpot training for two of its executives in Hong Kong.

    The training would need to cover both the fundamentals of using HubSpot as well as touch on some of the more advanced tools.

    But while the Minitab team had done comprehensive research into HubSpot marketing agencies that could deliver training, none of them were based in Hong Kong. Furthermore, the Minitab team wanted a one-day training course covering a range of basic and advanced tools so both executives could get the most out of it, making their search even harder.

    Having a face-to-face session was incredibly important as not only would it enable the Hong Kong team to speak to an expert, but also to lay the foundation for a professional business relationship and build trust.


    Reaching out to The B2B Marketing Lab 

    After searching for a HubSpot marketing agency in the Hong Kong region, Minitab branched out and contacted B2BML – with whom it had been working since March 2019 – and asked for help with local HubSpot training.

    Though the B2BML team was based in Singapore, they arranged for one of their HubSpot specialists to fly over and deliver a one-day crash course, covering HubSpot basics and more advanced tools.

    The training programme was tailored to Minitab’s specific needs. The finished itinerary was as follows:

    To make the training as useful as possible, B2BML’s HubSpot specialist included relevant examples from the client’s portal throughout the day.


    The results

    The one-day crash course provided Minitab’s Hong Kong team with the knowledge they needed to best utilise HubSpot. Furthermore, the option of local support – just a short flight from Singapore – has opened new doors for the Hong Kong team and given them the option to call upon an expert where and when necessary.

    Following the training, the Minitab Hong Kong team were given the full training slide deck (for future reference, should they need to tackle a particular issue or refresh their memory), a certificate of attendance and the chance to follow up (via email) with any questions that could not be answered in the meeting.

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