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    In this free webinar, David Beesley, PR Director at The B2B Marketing Lab, explains how you can combine PR with your Inbound Marketing activity to grow your business and achieve success across your Earned, Owned, Paid and Shared media channels.


    Combining PR & Inbound


    As B2B PR begins to align itself closer to marketing, we are entering an era where departments are connected and digital PR is much more measurable. 

    It's no longer a matter of guessing what PR efforts led to website traffic or lead generation - you can look at your analytics and tie results back to specific PR activities. 

    In the webinar video above, David Beesley, PR Director at The B2B Marketing Lab, looks at:

    - The importance of unique content

    What role does content creation play when you combine PR and Marketing? What content should you be creating? What can you do to stand out from the crowd?

    - How can you manage another audience?

    Integrating PR into your marketing campaign involves adding another audience to your communications plan: journalists. How do you cater for this new audience and how do you target them?

    - How do you measure success?

    Is your website ready for PR? If you're building successful Inbound Marketing campaigns then your website should be ready to start measuring success. But what metrics should you measure and what does 'good' look like?


    If you want to combine your B2B PR activity with your Inbound Marketing campaign, the video above is an essential watch.