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    If you accept that your website meets your prospects before you do, you will also appreciate that it plays a crucial role in convincing them to engage with your business. Your website represents your business and if it is not of high-quality, informative or easy-to-use, your visitors will simply leave.

    Therefore, having a website that is modern, well-designed, responsive, and appealing, is essential - especially as mobile web browsing continues to increase and users conduct research online wherever, whenever.



    And as your website is constantly growing - you also need a solution that is built for growth. We use HubSpot, not only because it is built for Inbound Marketing and has amazing website design capabilities, but because it is designed to help businesses grow. 

    You are here because you might be curious about how HubSpot’s CMS can help you to design an amazing website. So below we have listed a few amazing B2B websites that have been built using HubSpot’s CMS so you can see why it is such a great platform.


    1. Onshape


    Being engineering experts in computer-aided design (CAD), it’s not surprising that Onshape have a website design and layout that really makes them stand out - and in a great way! The use of white and blue on the website is consistent with the brand’s logo and the combination of the block-by-block layout, large text and 3D imagery create a great UX and really captures the attention of the website visitor.

    The attention to detail on the 3D images is noticeable - the incredible designs are admirable and complement the information on the website. Don’t just take our word for it though, Onshape have been praised by Wired, TechCrunch and Forbes - to name a few - for the quality of their work.

    There’s also another neat feature on their website - something that is growing quickly in popularity - a chat bot! The use of a chat bot further improves the user experience and increases the chance of converting - as a highly effective bot will direct users to where they want to go and provide them with useful information.


    2. DPS


    DPS have recently gone through a complete renovation of their website - opting for a sleek and sophisticated design. DPS is one of our own clients who chose HubSpot’s CMS and were able to design a modern and engaging website.

    The user is firstly presented with stunning HD visuals accompanied by messaging that immediately informs them of what the company offers. After scrolling down a bit, they receive more information about the products DPS offers and user-friendly calls to action allow them to navigate to exactly what they are interested in.

    Beautiful imagery and consistency in branding throughout make for a pleasant user experience that is designed to attract prospects and subsequently grow the business.


    3. agileSI


    It’s not surprising that AgileSI was featured on HubSpot’s Designers page. The user experience is extraordinary from the get-go. The stunning imagery of Earth and other depictions of space cleverly support the metaphorical statement: “Enterprise is a starship”.

    The computer-like font used in headers, main message and various other places is perfect for the business - and beautiful diagonal lines separating contrasting colours contribute to the elegant delivery of information.

    These are just a few examples of great websites built using HubSpot’s CMS. The extent to which HubSpot can improve your business’ website and online presence cannot be covered in one blog post. We would recommend that you try it yourself!


    4. SafeBreach


    As you land on the homepage, you are greeted with imagery denoting security. The text is prominent, clear and quickly communicates what the business does. Included are statistics which increases the users’ knowledge of the company straightaway.

    After scrolling down the homepage, some interactive elements are introduced and white space is used to allow the user to better focus on the information. The calls-to-action are neatly placed on the website and provide users with opportunities to find out more about what the business has to offer.

    The use of orange and blue CTAs adds variation and makes it easier to distinguish between the two. After scrolling down a bit, you will see three of the simulated security team solutions (blue, purple, and red) that SafeBreach offers, along with a short summary on what each one does and each team summary is accompanied by a CTA allowing users to “Discover More”. However, the best part is not the summary for each solution, but the icons that are placed above them. These icons complement the information by successfully portraying the ‘security’ concept. Each icon is beautifully designed and uses gradients and other suitable visual elements that work well with the rest of the design. Similar icons can be found around the website - and they work really well to present information visually. After scrolling down the homepage, more interactive elements are introduced - providing a more interesting and varied experience - and the use of white space allows the user to digest the information better.


    5. Stellar


    A great example of a recruitment company website is undoubtedly Stellar. Its use of real employee photos gives the business a sense of authenticity - and its use of blue throughout makes its messages more prominent. The contrasting orange in small bits are used to highlight parts of the navigation and text.

    The message is clear, straightforward and to the point - and as the user scrolls down, they see more useful information outlining Stellar’s services and its key messaging. Navigation is simple and users can easily find what they want; ensuring a streamlined user experience. The icons serve their purpose and give a visual representation of the text to improve the user experience (UX) without interfering with the consistency of the blue and orange colours.

    Want proof that their website is effective? Using HubSpot, Stellar Recruitment has increased leads by a staggering 5037% through their website.


    HubSpot is constantly adapting to changes and provides a number of tools and solutions you can use to keep your website up-to-date and aesthetically pleasing. Alongside a variety of incredible SEO tools, an advanced CRM, and smart content for improved lead generation and user experience, HubSpot's web design functions are designed to adapt to your business’ needs to further grow your business.

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