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    Update: This post was published in February 2016. The B2B Marketing Lab is now a Diamond Certified HubSpot Partner, the first in the UK! Find our more here.

    The B2B Marketing Lab team is proud to announce that we have achieved Platinum HubSpot Partner status!  

    The upgrade from Gold to Platinum partner is in recognition of our commitment to becoming the UK’s top digital marketing agency specialising in sales lead generation through inbound marketing programmes.

    The first London-headquartered HubSpot Platinum Partner

    After three years deploying HubSpot integrations, providing expert HubSpot support and delivering inbound marketing strategies for over 50 customers, the B2B Marketing Lab has now become the first London HubSpot Platinum Partner.

    This certification makes the B2B Marketing Lab one of only three HubSpot Platinum Partners in the UK.

    A mark of excellence

    The HubSpot Partner Tier Program is specifically designed to recognise "agency partners who have not only brought the inbound message to the most clients, but also those who have executed inbound marketing services to the highest standards”.

    HubSpot enables companies to closely tie their marketing efforts to lead generation and sales through it’s comprehensive and intuitive tracking and reporting tools. Benchmarks such as monthly recurring revenues, sales, customer retention, software engagement and actual inbound marketing success can be tied directly to marketing efforts and spend.

    Time to celebrate!

    B2B Marketing Lab

    By using HubSpot to help attract visitors, convert leads, and close business, The B2B Marketing Lab has consistently met agreed lead volume targets, helping our clients to grow their own business, and we couldn’t be happier that is reflected in our own success too!

    Just ask our CEO, Bob Dearsley...

    “Reaching HubSpot Platinum Partner status is a huge achievement for our consultancy and a great recognition of the skills and drive of our team to always deliver the highest quality service for our clients. Having become the first London-headquartered HubSpot Platinum Partner is a badge we will wear with pride!”

    "We look forward to continuing to spreading the inbound message to many more B2B businesses in London in 2016 – Diamond Partner status, we’re coming for you!”

    To find out how The B2B Marketing Lab can help your company generate more leads through inbound marketing and HubSpot, get in touch today.

    Or for more information on the power of HubSpot, why not download our free eBook: Five Reasons to use a HubSpot Platinum Partner?